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“Linee reali” one day will be the contest it worth to be. Not just for the rocks, or the lines that, even better then others, are always rocks and lines. But for the “soul” living inside those rocks. The soul of a big group as “the big” (Il Punto), of an awesome park as the best you can find away, and of a unique story as the story of local bouldering. This time it went in this way, between a forecasted storm and few sunbeam that, anyway, gave the right mood to this place.
A place steep into nature that shows its own beauty and that aesthetic sense that IlPunto's crew search between the rocks. Cleaning them, imagine lines that, days after day, under their brushes, became real lines. Became “linee reali”. See you next time... even if we have to reach it by boat.

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Linee reali in valle gesso

1° boulder meeting from 13th to 15th of June

From 13th to 15th of June, Sant'Anna di Valdieri will be as Woodstock as for boulder lover.
The event, at its first edition, it has been called “Linee reali” (real – but also royal - lines). These lines born into the climbers mind, with the movement they find shape and, become real. Every boulder has its own lines, you must be able to read it (and climb it). But they're also Royal lines because boulder, wall and other Valle Gesso's mountain are part of a beautiful world that, for long time, Kings and Queens kept all for themselves. Pro-climbers challenge each other, kids give vent to a primordial instict: climb. And then films, debates, music, good food and good drinks: a long weekend in the name of rocks and fun. “Linee reali” it is not just a pro-event, but it is open to everyone who love to skin their fingers, feel that strange sensation of your forearms close to burst, but, above all party with lot people who share the same passion.< “Linee reali” is organised by Parco delle Marittime, Il punto (Borgo San Dalmazzo gym), with the collaboration of In Out Le vele, it's in the calendar of Wonderful Outdoor Weekend (a new big manifestaion of outdoor events thought for mountain, hills and outdoor fun in Cuneo). This event is desired and it is managed by a committee composed by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo, CCIA Cuneo, ATL Cuneo and ATL Langhe Roero.